Nikole & David's Sweet Summer Backyard Country Wedding in Gilroy, California

Aw man, I love a good backyard wedding and this one is pretty special. I was delighted when my friend Christina of Whittaker Portraits hit me up about planning and and doing flowers for her little sissy's wedding they knew would take place someday soon (she wasn't even engaged yet when she emailed me, but knew she had met her match and as a seasoned wedding photographer, Chrissy knew she had to lock me down and get things rolling for her wee sis!).  And since Christina is pretty much exclusively my family photographer for all occasions (and as many weddings as I can wrangle her into doing with me) proposing a trade for my services for hers was a no-brainer. {So fam and friends: all those pretty pics you have seen of my family for the last two-three-ish years, this special wedding provided those!}

On top of all that, I have known Nikole for a loooong time. As my friend's cute little sister, and all being from the same teensy town of Gilroy and living on the same block our entire lives, sweet little Nikki has been a familiar face in my life.  She's grown into a freaking bombshell with an excellent spread of tattoos, and that admittedly adds a little more excitement since us event pros just love when it's virtually impossible for our bride to have any bad angles, ha! And David ain't too shabby either and is just as much of a sweetheart, so this day was just full of joy and love and good 'ol Gilroy country sweetness. Oh, and the food was freaking outstanding--serious round of applause to Fire 4 Hire for killing it on the BBQ, everyone raved about it the entire time.

And let me just put it out there, Nikole's bouquet is up there with my all time favorites I have ever done.  I wish I could have cloned it somehow and kept it alive forever.

ANYWAYS, here are all the pretty pictures provided by the incredible Melissa Ergo, (you know she's good when another amazing photographer picks her to photograph her sister's wedding), and tear-jerking video from Two Spoons Productions!  Enjoy, and Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Frey!