I  have done something crazy. I renamed my already successful business and completely rebranded. 

Cue all the wide-eyed shock faces and bring on the wtf emails.

A year ago, I returned full force to the wedding industry after a brief vacation from the craziness to take care of my little family. I returned to a different clientele, more fierce competition, and a swift shift in trends. As I tackled my 22 weddings this year, I felt like my brand no longer suited me and the style I had settled into nor the direction this industry and California couples are headed.  I have always been an advocate for "change is good"!  Even if what you are doing is working, but is not fulfilling you or propelling you or growing you, then change it up.  

Something Blue has been through many twists and turns since I first started this little thing up on my dining room table in my first apartment with my new husband in 2012.  I had no idea what I was really getting into, but had heaps of drive and motivation from having a dead end corporate job to keep my eye on the prize: to be self-employed in a creative profession. My brand name first started out as Something Blue, Weddings by Hand. Adorable and it suited me back then, I was doing everything by hand and by the seat of my pants, haha!  I didn't know how to really market myself so I just said I did everything: flowers, planning, cake topper making, invitation designing, yeah don't even get me started. Granted, I am a bit of a jack of all trades, but it got a little ridiculous.  And people planning their weddings want masters, not jacks. So with my first year being solely a learning experience and free services to anybody interested, I learned an overwhelming amount.

Fast forward to now, Something Blue Wedding Planning & Design is beloved and got me where I am today. The name has tradition and creativity, but with tradition having less importance in weddings, and the "Wedding Planning" part limiting myself from other events, I knew I needed to change it up.  After little deliberation and just making up my mind instantly when I thought of the name (because let's be honest, that's how I do everything), I am reintroducing my brand as Blue Daphne Events & Floral Design.  Blue is to honor SB and not completely abandon it, and Daphne is my third-born baby and represents all the growth I have made to get to now. Daphne is also a flower so there's that too!   

I am eager to show the world what I can do and create more beauty under this new brand and hope you all fall in love with all the pretty that is about to come your way.  I pray for and appreciate the support and love from everyone who has been a part of my journey and encouraging me through it.   Here's to Blue Daphne! Muah!

-Jennifer Edmon, CEO, Blue Daphne Events & Floral Design