Happy January!

    January is my favorite month of the year. I love the cold weather, it holds my wedding anniversary (6 years now!), my youngest baby’s birth (almost 1 year old!), many family members’ birthdays, and a new year begins.  Before becoming a mom, New Year’s Eve parties were my favorite! I don’t really get those anymore; babies don’t care about the New Year and I for sure as hell am not keeping them up ‘til midnight to watch no silly ball drop.   I can barely keep my own eyes open past 10. 

            Unlike gung-ho new year’s revolutionists, I don’t care too much about the reflection, setting new goals, or getting at all emotional about another year past (except when it comes to my birthday and the direct correlation that has with another year past, that definitely makes me cry).  I think my attachment to the holiday (well, entire month) is much more shallow honestly.  I like the parties, excuse to drink wine, the pretty lights, the fashion, the Golden Globes, my yearly escape with my husband away from my precious children, the business that pours in for work (keep up those Christmas engagements people!) and it’s still off-season for me so I can slowly come out of hibernation and prepare for my life to get nuts.

            I have had many conversations with Alex (the spouse) and too many personal thoughts about how to plan my year out, how to go about tackling this new normal of full-time work and business ownership and balancing it with motherhood and marriage (this time with all my brain cells).  Thank God I have such a strong support system.  Not just family and friends, but I seriously have no bigger cheerleader than my husband.  When I am doubting my abilities or get discouraged or stuck, he jumps in and shakes me (figuratively) telling me every possible affirming word, making me believe in myself again.  Seriously ladies, get a man like that. Wise words of Woody from Toy Story, “If you don’t have one, get one!” (I only have quotes from Disney movies in my inspirational quote arsenal, sorry).

            So I get at least one, many times up to 3 aspiring coordinators per week asking me to intern for my company.  I’m too busy (or maybe just not nice enough) to respond to all of them with a “sorry not now” email.  I know what they’re going through, I went through it too when I decided this is what I wanted to do.  I sent out my tiny resume reflecting a 21-year-old’s brief experience corporate work, but extensive background in coaching cheerleading *eye roll*, in to every planning agency in northern California without so much as a “we aren’t hiring” email back.  Back then, I was determined to do this job and that’s when I said screw the world, I’m doing this by myself then! I wouldn’t say that’s the best plan of attack for everyone aspiring for the job of their choice, but it worked out for me.  That’s kind of how I’ve always done things in my life; jumped in to things head first regardless of experience or prep with an attitude of “I’ll figure it all out along the way”.  Again, not advising anyone to do anything with that attitude, but I digress.  

            Just one girl’s experience, if you have something you want to do, the time to dedicate to it, the drive to do your research and wear every hat in business, the brains and the social skills—BIGGEST aspect of what got me here by the way, then DO IT! It really is the hardest thing I have ever done (after parenting), so you have to really love your field if you’re going to go this route. 

            Anyways, just my two cents and coffee shop thoughts as I think of how many friends I have that would be amazing business owners but just need to take that leap.  More wedding talk and pretty pictures coming soon.  Just gearing up my head for the insanity that is about kick in my door, wedding season is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited! Happy Monday people!