Blue Daphne is birthed by Jennifer Edmon, a California native.  This brand grew out of its first but beloved name, Something Blue. Jennifer started this business in 2012 and the industry took a shift in her favor in 2016 spurring this new brand and development in 2017.  Our brand name comes from honoring where we started in Something Blue and adding Daphne, a flower and the name of Jennifer's third-born. 


Jennifer Edmon

Owner, Planner and Floral Designer

My love story started in 2010 when I met this adorable man when we were counselors for a youth church summer camp.  Alex and I had an immediate connection and surprised everyone we knew when we got engaged 9 weeks later and married 6 months later.  We had a large, crazy, Italian, January wedding in Santa Cruz, California.  It was all perfect because it was ours.  A few years and three babies later, here we are living in Brentwood and loving watching our children grow up.

I value complete transparency in all areas  of my life; I am known as  an open book.  I love cultivating honest relationships with my clients and making true connections with them.

When I am not planning or playing with flowers, you can find me home with my kids, drinking coffee AND tea (I love both, just depends on my mood), maybe doing yoga, drawing or painting.  I can't seem to avoid creative work. 

This business was my first baby, and a little like my others, it has been the most beautiful challenge to nurture and to learn from.  I love this industry and the people I get to know--so much beauty and constant sources of inspiration.  I am proud of Blue Daphne and all the beauty it itself has inspired over the years.   And I am most proud that I am a mother to my precious babes: Jude, Sawyer, and Daphne.


Anna Vatuone

Executive Assistant Coordinator and Designer

Anna is our budding coordinator, and fellow entrepreneur with two brands she has created herself, as well as managing ours.  She is nothing short of impressive, and a constant source of inspiration.  As one of my best friends and sounding board, Anna is completely invaluable to BD.

Anna is a free spirit and adventure lover.  Always traveling and discovering new things and places. She is an excellent writer, loves photography, wine, good food and deep conversation.  We just love her here.  



Kandis Harvey

Planner and Floral Designer

Kandis, my college roommate, dear friend and fellow flower-obsessor.  She introduced me to the world of weddings back in 2009 when she planned a few for friends. As her creative and broke roommate, I became her assistant.  We have been inseparable since then, and she was my biggest encourager when this all began.   

Kandis is one of the kindest people I have ever known, driven, determined and dependable, and an absolute pillar to BD's floral design and planning successes. She lives in San Jose, loves God, home decor, painting, coffee, Crossfit and just being amazing all the time.  Dying for the day when we get to plan her wedding.


Rebecca Quehl

Assistant Coordinator

When she's not on some adorable adventure with her boyfriend, spending time with her amazing family whom we all have adopted as our family, studying for her Nursing degree, or being our prime source of entertainment, you'll find Becky assisting at our events like a pro.  She's assisted BD since the beginning and we all just love her to death.