Behind Blue Daphne

Blue Daphne is birthed by Jennifer Edmon, a California native.  This brand grew out of its first but beloved name, Something Blue. Jennifer started this business in 2012 and the industry took a shift in her favor in 2016 spurring this new brand and development in 2017.  Our brand name comes from honoring where we started in Something Blue and adding Daphne, a flower and the name of Jennifer's third-born. 




My love story started in 2010 when I met this adorable man when we were counselors for a youth church summer camp.  Alex and I had an immediate connection and surprised everyone we knew when we got engaged 9 weeks later and married 6 months later.  We had a large, crazy, Italian, January wedding in the chilly Santa Cruz, California.  It was all perfect because it was ours.  A few years and three babies later, here we are living in Brentwood and loving watching our children grow up. This business was my first baby, and a little like my others, it has been the most beautiful challenge to nurture and to learn from.  I love this industry and the people I get to know; so much beauty and constant sources of inspiration.  I am proud of Blue Daphne and all the beauty it itself has inspired over the years.   And I am most proud that I am a mother to my precious babes: Jude, Sawyer, and Daphne.